Mix of substrates

Professional substrate for Agro

GRUPO FICO offers the formats clients need. Mixes of different natural or inert raw materials for a professional agricultural substrate.

The objective of mixing the coconut substrate with peat moss, perlite, leonardite, composted organic materials, earthworm humus, sands or fertilisers is to achieve an appropriate formula for the crop and packaging required by the client. The proportions are decided by the client. The criterion of the proportions is decided by the client.

HM4 bag

Professional use bag

This substrate, due to its composition, creates the optimal conditions to favour an early rooting of the plant The mix of coconut fibre, peat moss, siliceous sand and gravel, and leonardite can be used in planting and transplanting trees, shrubs and horticultural plants. It greatly improves poor soils.

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