Phycosubstrates: coconut fiber


100% coconut fiber substrate,
the best base for your crop

The flagship of Grupo Fico

This type of substrate is obtained directly from the fibers of the fruits of the coconut tree, hence its name.

It is increasingly being used in seedbeds and organic urban orchards because it has many advantages, the fundamental one being that it is an ecological and sustainable product. In addition, we highlight its ability to aerate, retain and release nutrients and retain water.

Vegetable Plants

Ornamental plants

Aromatic plants

Nursery plants

Advantages of using coconut fiber in your crops

Coconut fiber is an organic substrate, 100% natural and renewable. It is processed in different ways depending on the agronomic use for which it is intended. The easy rehydration of the material allows it to be dried and pressed at source, which minimizes transport costs and facilitates handling by the end user.

Coconut fiber has excellent water retention and aeration capacity. Allows optimal use of water and fertilizers. It has a great resistance to water stress, which provides peace of mind to the horticulturist in the face of possible unforeseen events.

Coconut fiber is fully biodegradable. After its use as a substrate, it can be incorporated into the soil as compost.

Coconut fiber granulometry

Coconut fiber properties

Ecological and sustainable product

High aeration capacity

Nutrient retention and release

Promotes water retention