Last October, FICO, from Grupo Ispemar, made a trip to Portugal to consolidate its presence in this market. The main objective is to narrow and strengthen relations with those that currently have a presence in this country.

We want to start a new, more consolidated stage and serve the Portuguese agricultural market more directly, through our distributors, with the solutions that FICO offers for agriculture.

During our visit, our colleagues held various meetings, where they were able to present the three branches that make up the essence of FICO, Grupo Ispemar, FICOnutrientes, Fibra de Coco and technological solutions.

Mainly, the visit focused on explaining all the products that make up the FICOnutrients part, that is, the nutritional solutions that FICO has been developing and are backed by almost 20 years that support us in the agricultural sector.

And, another of the fundamental parts of FICO, the technological solutions. Also present on this trip, in which our colleagues explained our latest project, Trutina, a scanner that measures the plant in real time in order to make decisions. A plant translator that can help in agriculture to optimize irrigation.

At FICO, from Grupo Ispemar, we are involved and invest in all our markets. For this reason, as a result of the various meetings and market studies carried out, we continue working on the preparation of technical material for the knowledge of our distributors and on the preparation of customized solutions according to the needs that arise, to provide a personalized service as manufacturers of our nutritional products.

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