Greensoils visits Grupo Fico

A Mutual Growth Relationship: GreenSoils’ Visit to Grupo Fico

Over a Decade of Collaboration and Joint Growth

In a business world where long-term alliances are increasingly valuable, the relationship between Grupo Fico and GreenSoils stands out as a shining example. Recently, we had the honor of hosting a visit from the GreenSoils team; Dulith Senanayake, Owner, and Asanga Ponnamperuma, Agronomy Consultant at the company, marking another milestone in our relationship of over a decade.

Greensoils, a company with which we have maintained a fruitful relationship for so many years, has been a fundamental pillar in the establishment and expansion of our coconut fiber product line.


A Journey to Sri Lanka: The Beginning of Everything

Our journey began in 2011 with a visit to Sri Lanka, which not only sealed business deals but also gave us the pleasure of visiting their production factory to learn about their processes. We took a tour of their offices and had the great honor of planting a small mango tree, which we named Fico. A symbolic gesture of great value to us. Today, that tree has become a robust symbol of our relationships, with strong roots, just like the ties between GreenSoils and Grupo Fico.

planting a tree in 2016 and the same tree now

GreenSoils: A Partner of Exceptional Quality

GreenSoils stands out for its exceptional manufacturing capability and the high quality of its products. Their recent visit has been the perfect opportunity to strengthen our relationship. A collaboration that has been a cornerstone in the growth and success of our company.

During their stay in Almeria, we had the pleasure of showing them our daily work in our facilities, including the nutrient factory in Benahadux and the supply warehouse in La Mojonera.

At Grupo Fico, we are aware that we would not be the company we are today without the support and trust of all our stakeholders, which is why we want to express our most sincere gratitude to Greensoils and look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship in the coming years, growing together and exploring new opportunities.


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